Jacob Schn Germany has been specialised in the design & production of a complete modular ductwork/pipe systems since 1950s. Each component duct or fitting features a flanged end that is precision made at a perfect 90° angle to ensure an accurate seal every time. Easy to install pull rings quickly connect or disconnect the various components. This extremely strong system has been tested and approved for up to 3 bar shock explosion resistance.

For more information :http://www.jacob-pipesystems.com/

Multi-way distributors
Built for distributing cereals and granular bulk goods in free fall or pneumatically, our multi-port diverters let you choose the direction to which your goods should go.
Fixing components & accessories
Accessories include flanges, fastening hardware, earthing cables, hose connections, hoses or compensators as well as other system component accessories. Functional, easy to use, and a perfect fit from our modular system.
Fitted or welded flanges
We supply shock explosion proof, longitudinally welded and flanged modular pipework and distribution systems for bulk goods handling, dust and exhaust air extraction, and cooling air supply
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