Steel Mill Plant & Machinery
We represent world leaders in steel mill plant & machinery:

Equipment & Machinery
Rolling Mill Equipment & Systems and Fume Treatment and Waste Water Treatment Plant for hot rolling mills
Pert Srl, Italy 
Electrical & automation system for steel mills
Automazioni Industriali Capitanio s.r.l.
Strip guiding system, strip width monitoring system, metallurgical online testing system
EMG, Germany
Track wheels, sheave wheels, break wheels & rope drums for heavy duty cranes; gear coupling/spindles, mill pinions and pinch roll for hot and cold rolling mills
Xtek, USA
Surface Inspection Light (Stroboscope)
Unilux, USA

PERT Complete production line and complete mills for the steel industry
AIC Electrical & automation system for steel mills
EMG Strip Guiding Equipment
XTEK pinch roll for hot strip mill

Xtek BemCalloy Material Pinch Rolls. High strengh alloy centrifugally cast, grey cast iron, heat treated to 62-67 HRc, excellent wear resistant, resistance to pick-up, resistance to thermal fatigue/thermal shock.


XTEK wheels for container cranes and overhead traveling cranes

Xtek sheave wheels surpass ordinary wheel life many times while increasing wire rope life 3-5 times


Unilux Stroboscope Lighting for Surface Inspection